Woodland Plants

Many older homes have yards with mature trees and shrubs. It is common today for new homes to have trees saved during construction, or have yards backing up to and existing woods. However the gardener comes to have shade from trees and shrubs in their yards, most consider the resulting shade a hindrance to gardening.Woodland Plants


Shade is not the only consideration when establishing an ornamental garden under or near mature trees and shrubs. As one turns the soil to begin the garden, often root systems from those trees and shrubs are encountered. Root systems that will compete with the chosen ornamentals in the new garden. Competition that will have dominant use of the available nutrients and moisture, leaving the new plants lacking.

Emulate the Forest

There is, of course, an answer to the perceived dilemma. Forest have trees and shrubs with blooming plants beneath spreading foliage. Ornamental plants that have adapted to the competition of root systems  belonging to far larger plants and still perform. Some have adapted by emerging from underground root systems before the trees and shrubs awaken. They quickly send up blooms and foliage, set seeds and then go back to sleep and the trees begin to use up the nutrients and moisture. Woodland plants that behave in this manner are referred to as ephemeral. Others have adapted to the competition and have learned to do more with less.

World of Woodland Plants

There is a world of ornamental plants with their beginnings in temperate woods around the world. Beautiful plants that will compete with tree and shrub roots, varying levels of shade from the upper branches and foliage. With just a little reading one can learn to match the needs of the plants to the conditions of your new garden. There really is an endless selection of ornamentals from around the world awaiting your discovery.

Woodland World Awaits

Selecting from around the temperate world is an endless bounty of beauty. Nature has ingenuous ways of going about creating root systems that help woodland plants survive. Rooty systems such as tubers, bulbs and rhizomes that hold nutrients over from one year to the next. Help with reserves if this season is not the best. You will, of course, appreciate the perennials that return year after year and only get better with time.

Your Next Step

10 Basic, Dependable, Woodland Plants 

There is no direct link between individual plant names and the Munchkin Nursery & Gardens, LLC website inventory. Not all plants are available at all times.

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Common Name Binominal Name
Doll’s Eyes Actaea pachypoda
Jack in the Pulpit, Cobra Lily Arisaema
Fairy Bells Disporum
Barrenwort Epimedium
Ferns Ferns
Lily Lilium
Primula Primula
Lungwort Pulmonaria
Woodpoppy Stylophorum diphyllum
Toadshade Trillium

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